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A simple, intuitive and powerful investment platform. Trade in cryptocurrencies automatically or choose to manually buy and sell. We've made it so simple it's as easy as ordering a pizza!

What is Encylex?

Everyone wants to get in on the cryptocurrency action, but its not easily accessible. You need an encrypted wallet, access to an exchange platform, and enough padding to soften the blow of immense trading fees! Using Encylex saves you from all of those worries and more; your exchange, your wallet, and your money are all available in one place. We've designed our platform so that anyone can safely and easily invest.

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The only app you’ll need to power your crypto life. Learn how:

Token Trading

By standardising the base currency you invest with, we’ve eliminated the risk of currency crash and loss of profit upon exchange.

Financial Safety

Unlike most trading platforms, we’ve removed ‘margins’. You can hold your position for as long as you need.

Instant Withdrawal

You always have prompt access to your account balance (any balances that aren’t held in investments). Withdraw immediately to any bank.

Quick Access

Encylex will be teaming up with MasterCard to create a debit card. It will be directly linked to your account for even faster access to your money.

An app you can deploy on all devices

Encylex is a cloud-based mobile and desktop cryptocurrency exchange with a focus on both security and accessibility. You can use it on any platform.

Integrate Encylex across all your platforms

Integrate Encylex across all platforms in just seconds. Connect from any location and synchronize your exchanges across all devices.

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