A powerful, accessible, and secure digital bank. Enjoy on-demand exchanges between fiat currency and cryptocurrency, 24/7 access to your money, an intelligent auto-investment platform, and more.

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Internet Banking

At home or on the go, have instant access to your money. Sharing a pizza with mates? enjoy FPI transactions.

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Cryptocurrency Transfers

Let's keep this simple: Instant bank transfers from any cryptocurrency balance to ANY other currency. Yes that's correct.

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Low Fees

Being able to seamlessly spend in any currency, transfer or exchange money instantly, and enjoy new innovation in internet banking today...what are you waiting for?

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So Intuitive, So Easy

Say goodbye to the hassle of digital wallets, cryptocurrency transactions, and extensive wait times!

Fully licensed MasterCard Debit, with contactless payments enabled and Google/Apple Pay. FCA accredited.

Access to our revolutionary auto-investor bot, designed to utilize market data and maximize savings in a zero risk environment.

Access to the FPI network (UK only) ; send instant bank transfers in any currency.

It's free, it's fast, it's secure, and most importantly, you can get started with Google/Apple pay immediately.

No withdrawal fees, unlike other MasterCard banks.

No forced account fees, upgrade or downgrade whenever!

The most fair pricing plans ever.

Easy to understand, no hidden fees; just pay what's listed here.

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