Who are we?

Cryptocurrency is big business, everyone wants a slice of the action. But it is not easily accessible. You need an encrypted digital wallet, access to an exchange platform, and enough padding to soften the blow of associated fees.

Using Encylex saves you from all worries. Your exchange, your wallet, and your money are all available in one place. We've designed our platform so that any budding investor with a bank card can take a bite into the altcoin experience, whilst reducing the risk of market volatility.

Not only do we offer almost risk free trading, but we have worked with MasterCard and other partners to provide you with your own bank card and access to the Wire/FPI transfer network. With the planned addition of Direct Debits in October. Encylex will soon pave the way in cryptocurrency future, by providing the worlds first fully functional bank, which includes access (instant) to your FIAT and crypto balance. With seamless transfers between them.

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So Intuitive, So Easy

Say goodbye to the hassle of digital wallets, cryptocurrency transactions, and extensive wait times!

Fully licensed MasterCard Debit, with contactless payments enabled and Google/Apple Pay. FCA accredited.

Access to our revolutionary auto-investor bot, designed to utilize market data and maximize savings in a zero risk environment.

Access to the FPI network (UK only) ; send instant bank transfers in any currency.

It's free, it's fast, it's secure, and most importantly, you can get started with Google/Apple pay immediately.

No withdrawal fees, unlike other MasterCard banks.

No forced account fees, upgrade or downgrade whenever!

What does Encylex. mean for me?

I heard all this talk about 'Bitcoin' being the future of money, but no one took the bait. We have made an effort to move altcoins away from petty trading and into the wallets of everyone.

Jack Wright, Co-Founder Encylex.

The Team

Meet the small team that made all of this happen.

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Samuel Hayden
Co-Founder & CEO

Focus driven, Samuel has spent much of his time and effort in the pursuit of reaching his entrepreneurial goals.

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Jack Wright
Co-Founder & CTO

With development in his heart, Jack has helped to build many significant platforms.

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Daniel Rutter

With a wealth of cryptocurrency knowledge, Daniel has provided an extremely useful addition to the Encylex team.

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