Destin media (encylex.) official statement

Addressing fraudulent claims

We have had some scepticism and concern lately about our services being a scam or fraudulent. We would like to set the record straight and address these concerns. It is understandable why one might have concerns as we are in developmental stages and have missing information, broken links, and a lack of credibility built. We are set to launch soon, and at that point all of these issues will have been addressed.

Answering your questions
Listed below are some notable concerns our customers have had with our service and our responses to them:

The website lacks any sort of T&Cs?

We are going to be writing these once the application is developed and they will be checked over by a lawyer. Basic terms and conditions can be found within the dashboard once you have logged in.

The website mentions FSCS protection, but I can't find any further information on this?

This will be through our MasterCard partner (WireCard Solutions LTD). They will handle all the finance for an additional layer of security.

The website mentions a MasterCard debit card, but I can't find any further information about this either.

Please see above.

When I signed up for an account, there appeared to be no identity checks or similar security measures?

We are going to be implementing verification software towards the later stages of development, it is not a priority right now.

The sort code I was given does not exist (according to, meaning it's impossible to fund the account?

This is a temporary sort code for evaluation and testing purposes. The software is technically not functional yet and therefore not recommended for use until launch.

I was apparently able to open an unlimited number of accounts by simply clicking a button.

Yes, this is an issue, We are building an application process for this.

You can sign up to our evaluation service free of charge:

Thank you for your interest in us and we look forward to providing a real, legitimate service to our members.

The Team at Destin media Ltd.

Encylex. Is a trading name of Destin media Ltd. (09371544)