Meet Encylex

It can get confusing in the growing world of digital assets. It’s difficult to know who to trust, what to buy, and even how to buy it. At Encylex, we’ve removed the confusion by providing a simplistic, secure, and accessible investment platform. Meet the future of cryptocurrency investments.

What is Encylex?

Encylex is a powerful system for personal and syndicate investing with automated one-click investment options. We are proud to offer unmatched accessibility, security, and versatility. Utilizing cutting edge technologies, we strive to be on the front lines of investment for years to come. Each of our key features plays an important role in making your investing experience positive.

Introducing Encylex

One-Click Investment

Our clever software automatically handles the exchange and purchase of each currency you choose to invest in - thus making it faster and safer.

Your Crypto Bank

Encylex will be teaming up with MasterCard to create a debit card. It will be directly linked to your account for even faster access to your money.

Syndicate Options

There's no need to go in alone. With our syndicate option you can work together and invest more capital for a greater return.

One Standard Currency

By standardising the base currency you invest with, we’ve eliminated the risk of currency crash and loss of profit upon exchange.

Instant Balance Withdrawal

You always have prompt access to your account balance (any balances that aren’t held in investments). Withdraw immediately to any bank.

Low Risk Investment

Unlike most trading platforms, we’ve removed ‘margins’. You can hold your position for as long as you need.


Samuel Hayden

CEO / Founder

Jack Wright

CTO / Founder

Ian Wright

Finance Director

How Your Investment Helps.

The Software

Any investment made during our pre-release will be used directly to develop the software. We will be hiring incredibly talented programmers to ensure we have a quality product which is both robust and secure.

The Marketing

Upon the finalization of our product, it is imperative that we have a powerful marketing campaign. This will be stage two of our four part investment plan. We will utilize social media platforms as well as video advertising. We aim to reach people across the globe and prove the simplicity and utility of our product. Our ambition is to show the world that anyone can use cryptocurrencies to their advantage without all of the volatility.

New Features

During the growth of Encylex, we will always be looking to add new features and options to our platform. By doing so, it increases your shares equity and the versatility of our product.

Your Return

Your investments will be matched in your Encylex account balance. Additionally, you will hold shares within the company.

Jack Wright

Co-Founder / Chief Technical Officer

"We believe that Encylex is the future of cryptocurrency trading and investment. We've integrated systems which remove the severe effects of market volitality, whilst providing a platform for everybody to use effectively."